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A Beginner's Guide to Kayaking: The Four Basic Kayaking Strokes Explained
Kayaking is a popular water sport that requires a certain level of skill and technique to master. One of the...
Kayaking For Your Health — Do You Need to Be Fit to Go Kayaking? 
Kayaking is a great hobby that sees you exploring the great outdoors and adventuring through areas that are only accessible...
Kayaking Your Way into 2023 
It has been a tough few years and for many of us, life has become pretty mundane and boring. As...
Kayaking for Fitness: Achieving Your New Year Goals By Kayaking
Now we’ve said goodbye to 2022 and are saying hello to 2023, many of us have some new year’s resolutions...
Is a kayak a good idea for a Christmas Present?
A kayak can be a good idea for a Christmas present, depending on the recipient's interests and circumstances. If the...
Is kayaking a fun think to do on a hen?
Kayaking can be a fun activity to do on a hen, or bachelorette, party. It provides an opportunity for group...

Latest from our blog

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