Jobe Discover Slide Sandal Midnight Blue Shoes Jobe 6

Jobe Discover Slide Sandal Midnight Blue

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Just slide in, putting shoes on has never been this easy. These extremely lightweight water sports sneakers are this season's essentials for on the water. Due to quick-drying' material combined with a soft EVA-heel and an outsole featuring water drains - the Discover Sneaker support your feet in a comfortable way during all kind of water activities. A perforated inside offers breathability, while an outsole rubber features offer grip for strategic steps.
  •  Custom EVA waterproof insole
  •  Extremely lightweight shoe
  •  Outsole features rubber for extra grip
  •  Outsole with water drains on the side
  •  Quick-dry materials
  •  Splashproof tpu film material