Fostering Unity, 

and Paddling 

Towards Success 

Our dedicated team, including our company owners, is committed to providing you with a day that fosters unity, effective communication, and lasting memories.

When you choose Lakeland Kayaks for your corporate team bonding day, you’re not just selecting a day of fun on the water. You’re choosing an experience that is thoughtfully designed and facilitated by our dedicated team, including our company owners.

Our Commitment to Your Team’s Success

Our corporate team bonding experiences are rooted in the belief that adventure has the remarkable ability to unite people. Kayaking on Mullingar’s tranquil lakes creates an environment where teams naturally bond as colleagues become comrades, and hierarchies dissolve, sowing the seeds of unity.

  • The Power of Unity Through Adventure:

  • Effective Communication

  • Collaboration in a Stunning Setting

  • Leadership Development

  • Memories That Last a Lifetime

  • Refreshments and exquisite dinners

  • Active day with lots of games and challenges

  • An opportunity to bond 

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