What is the best color to wear on the water?

When kayaking or engaging in other water activities, it is best to wear bright colors or colors that are easily visible. This is because bright colors are easier to see on the water, which can help other boaters or watercraft users avoid colliding with you.

Some good colors to wear on the water include neon yellow, bright orange, or fluorescent pink. These colors are highly visible and can make it easier for others to see you, even from a distance. Wearing a brightly colored life jacket or personal flotation device can also help make you more visible on the water.

In addition to wearing bright colors, it is also a good idea to avoid wearing colors that blend in with the water or surrounding scenery. For example, wearing a dark blue or black life jacket on a dark, cloudy day can make you harder to see, which can increase the risk of accidents or collisions.

Overall, the best color to wear on the water is one that is bright and easily visible. This can help ensure your safety and the safety of others while enjoying the water.

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