Unleash Your Fishing Passion with the SkipJak FishJak 14: Your Ultimate Fishing Kayak

The Fishjak 14 - Fishing Kayak

Fishing enthusiasts, rejoice! The SkipJak FishJak 14 is here to redefine your fishing adventures. This 14.1-foot robust and deluxe sit-on-top kayak is designed for anglers who demand the best. With a massive weight capacity of 300kgs (47.2 stone), it's your ticket to heading out for a day of fishing with all the gear and supplies you need to stay comfortable, dry, and well-fed.

Fishing Comfort Redefined

At the heart of the FishJak 14 is its upgraded deluxe aluminum tubed seat. Fishing excursions can be long, and comfort is paramount. This seat not only cradles your body but also provides excellent back support. You can adjust the backrest by 180°, allowing you to find your perfect, comfortable angle. Its 25.5mm aviation aluminum tube and ergonomic bending design ensure durability, even in the toughest conditions. With a seat load capacity greater than 140KG, it's engineered for comfort and longevity.

Designed for Anglers

The FishJak 14 is purpose-built for fishing. It boasts two compartments with convenient covers for your equipment. Need to attach additional gear like fishing rods or echo sounders? No problem. This kayak provides ample space for all your angling essentials. The banded paddle holders with clips on the sides keep your paddles secure and accessible. Carrying handles in the nose and on the sides make transporting and loading onto your car's roof a breeze. And for that extra touch of convenience, there's even a cup holder, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while you fish.

The Fishjak 14

Ample Storage

Anglers know the importance of storage space. The FishJak 14 doesn't disappoint. It features extra-long footwells to accommodate taller paddlers and an extra-large rear and front storage well with cargo straps. Whether you're carrying gear, supplies, or your prized catch of the day, there's room for everything.

Exceptional Drainage and Handling

This kayak is designed for maximum convenience. Eight plugs in the hull provide structural support and allow water to drain quickly, ensuring you stay dry. Accessing internal storage is a breeze with the large oval hatch in the front. Hand toggles at each end of the FishJak make it easy for two-person carrying, and the hand strap on the side allows for comfortable solo transportation.

Precision Control with Upgraded Rudder

For anglers who demand precision control, the FishJak 14 comes with an upgraded rudder. Adjustable, sliding footrests give you control over direction, while the sea kayak-style flip-over rudder with raise/lower controls conveniently located alongside the paddler ensures you navigate with ease. The wide bow of the FishJak provides greater surface area and volume, helping it lift in rough and choppy conditions, preventing it from spearing and burying.

Standard Equipment Included

The FishJak kayak comes with an array of standard equipment to enhance your fishing experience:

  • 2 pcs black bungees
  • 1 pc round hatch
  • 1 pc sealed oval hatch
  • 1 pc center console
  • 4 pcs black handles
  • 2 pcs footrests
  • 1 pc rudder system
  • 1 pc drain cover
  • 8 pcs waterproof plugs
  • 1 pc fish finder hole
  • 2 pcs flush rod holders
  • 1 Aluminum Deluxe Tubed Adjustable Seat
  • 1 pc swivel fishing rod holder
  • 1 pc water tank


  • Length x Width x Height: 430x80x36cm
  • Weight: 34kg
  • Loading Capacity: 300kgs

Your Ultimate Fishing Companion

In the world of fishing kayaks, the SkipJak FishJak 14 reigns supreme. It's not just a kayak; it's your ultimate fishing companion. With its robust construction, deluxe features, and thoughtful design, it transforms your fishing adventures into unforgettable experiences.

Cast your line, embrace the open waters, and let the FishJak 14 redefine your fishing passion. It's not just a vessel; it's your gateway to the angling world. Elevate your fishing game with the FishJak 14 by your side and embark on journeys filled with excitement and unforgettable catches.

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