The Late Late Show, Taking Care of Business

On Friday evening last (5th November 2021) we had the privilege of appearing on the Late Late Show Taking Care of Business Episode. This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our excellent product offerings and also to tell a little piece of our story. It goes without saying that the last couple of years have been immensely challenging for all Businesses. But one thing that was abundantly clear on Friday night was that the resilience, pride, creativity and strength Irish Entrepreneurs & Irish Businesses possess goes unmatched. Some great stories unfolded about people taking hard knocks but dusting themselves off only to rise again and create success. That is the spirit of the Irish Entrepreneur. Well done to all who took part and thanks to RTE for the great opportunity.

Thanks to all that tuned in and thanks for all the positive feedback.

The show can be watched on Rte Player! Here is the link >>  

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