The Irish Heart Foundation: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The Irish heart foundation is the national heart and stroke charity. They are an organisation funded by donations that supports and campaigns for people that have been affected by cardiovascular problems throughout their lives. 

The purpose of this foundation is to build community awareness about living a happy and healthy lifestyle in order to reduce preventable cardiovascular issues. 

This foundation does so much for the community and they do this with the help of passionate volunteers, generous donations, and a drive to educate the public. 

There’s so much that the Irish health foundation does that we absolutely love. The work that goes on by this bunch of amazing people sits extremely well with us here at lakelandkayaks. Their outlook and how they work to educate people on keeping healthy is close to our hearts. 

So, this article is dedicated to the Irish heart foundation. We would simply like to educate you on what they do, why they are so fantastic, and how you can help them and the people around you. Enjoy!

So, What Does the Irish Heart Foundation Do?

The Irish Heart Foundation was founded in 1966 and since then they have been working to save lives and heal hearts.

They offer support, advice, and expertise on medical issues associated with cardiovascular health and heart problems. The foundation has several councils that work together to encourage cooperation between health professionals and organisations. These councils were founded to work toward common goals to spread awareness, educate, and research matters associated with heart health.

The Irish Heart Foundation Councils are:

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Council, chaired by Dr Ashraf Butt
  • ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation, chaired by Ms Norma Cronin
  • Blood Pressure Council, chaired by Dr Eamon Dolan
  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Council, chaired by Professor Ian Graham
  • Nutrition Council, chaired by Professor Edna Roche
  • Stroke Council, chaired by Dr Rachael Doyle

The Irish Heart Foundation undertakes many tasks in order to fight against heart disease and stroke in Ireland. 

The Foundation campaigns to influence government initiatives to improve healthcare for patients who are currently affected by heart disease and stroke in Ireland. They have had incredible results so far…

They have had a positive effect on the number of stroke units in hospitals around the country, They have helped secure the commitment for the introduction of sugar-sweetened drinks tax in Ireland, and they are at the forefront for the smoking ban as well as advocating tobacco control.

They encourage and push the government to implement policies that help fight obesity and prevent premature deaths due to preventable heart disease cases. They work together with the community and local governments in an attempt to make Ireland a healthier country as a whole. By doing this they hope to ease the pressure on the NHS and local health services and reduce the satistical casualties from preventable cardiovascular issues.

The Irish Heart Foundation also run several community campaigns to encourage healthy eating and living. Presentations at schools around the country are practiced to encourage children and parents to make a change on how young people eat and drink. The aim is to educate new generations about the importance of heart health to encourage a healthier future for the Irish community.

The Heart Foundation’s overall mission is to “effect positive change in the lifestyles of Irish people, to achieve better outcomes for those affected by heart disease and stroke and to challenge when the health of our nation is put at risk”.

You can read more about the Irish Heart Foundation’s mission and targets on their website (, but for reference, here’s a list of targets that they hope to achieve by 2025:

  1. We will empower more adults and children to live life better and avoid risk factors
  2. We will help more stroke and heart patients feel less isolated through dedicated local support groups
  3. We will help save more lives from cardiac arrest through our CPR training
  4. We will help prevent more strokes and heart attacks through our national mobile health checks
  5. We will ensure more people get access to the best possible care, support, and information
  6. We will fund more breakthrough research
  7. We will protect more children from unhealthy food marketing and tobacco

How Can You Get Involved and Help the Cause?

The Irish Heart Foundation is a registered charity that relies primarily on donations from supporters. Although they receive a small amount of funding from the government this isn’t enough to fund the research, education programs, and campaigns they run. 

One of the easiest ways to get involved and help the Irish Heart Foundation continue their fantastic work is to donate to the cause. You can do this via their website in a variety of ways. You can give monthly, give once, give in memory, give in your will, or take part in a challenge or fundraising event. However, don’t worry if it’s not financially viable for you to spare some money. There are plenty of other ways you can help.

Don’t Worry! If You’re Unable to Donate Financially, There are Other Ways to Help...

You can get involved with the Irish Heart in more ways than just simply donating. You can help the Irish Heart Foundation by starting a fundraising event through your workplace, club, or local community. You can also become a volunteer in many sectors of the charity. You can collect donations, help spread awareness, campaign with the foundation to get your voice heard or help educate about healthy living in local schools.

There are even job openings at the Irish Heart Foundation if you wish to start a career based around helping people.

There are several ways to get involved with the Irish Heart Foundation and start helping people today. Head over to their website to find out more ways that you can get involved!

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