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The Essential Kayak Fishing Guide

The Essential Kayak Fishing Guide Kayak fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy fishing. You can paddle out to where the fish are and away from the crowds of anglers on the bank, giving you far more opportunities to land bags of fish. You’ve probably seen kayak anglers every time you head out and you notice that no matter how the day went, they always have a smile on their face when they get back to land. Even if you blank, being out on a kayak is great fun. If you’re hooked on the idea and you’ve made the decision that you want to get into kayak fishing, how do you start? In this guide, you will learn...

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The evolution of the kayak

A fun and healthy activity for all ages is kayaking. There is no better way to spend an morning, afternoon or evening than getting on the water and fully enjoying nature. Kayaking has been around a long time and has a vast history despite it seemingly being a new technology. The origin of kayaking dates back to the Inuits using driftwood and animal skins to navigate their home waters. The word “kayak” means “man-boat” in the Inuit language. Surprisingly, these looked very similar to our modern kayaks in terms of shape. These were mostly used for hunting animals on the shorelines and in the water. The sleek design allowed them to move quietly and quickly. However, the Inuits had another...

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