Outdoors, Nature, and Fun: 5 Ways of Having Epic Outings in Ireland


OK so we are all now in lockdown, so we can only dream and imagine going doing some of the activities we mention below. We are not teasing, I promise!

When the lockdown measures occasioned by the Covid-19 global pandemic start to ease, this could as well be the best time for craic fun and adventure, the Irish way. And, no, this has nothing to do with visiting your local pub, drowning on "pints of Gat" and getting ossified like a madman.

Ireland has lots and lots of outdoor activities for you. The country’s mild climate and stunning scenery make the whole adventure worthwhile. To start you off on what could probably be your best outing, the following suggestions might excite you.

Fish, Catch, and Cook on the beach of the remote island of Inishkea

This should be your best weekend away from the city, especially if you’ve never felt excited in a long, long time. County Mayo’s island of Inishkea is a great spot to fish mackerel and Pollock, cook them, and enjoy the region’s best fish feast.
Make it a ‘catch and cook weekend,’ assisted by local fishermen whom you can talk to and rely on for a memorable experience. If lucky, they may show you how to fillet and cook your catch, feast on them, and pack some to carry back home. Another way to make this little trip memorable would be to walk along the cliff – only if you’ve got the balls!

Night kayaking on the salty waters of Lough Hyne

Ever kayaked before? Well, Ireland has a different way of doing it and I am confident you will like it. Yes, kayaking on salty waters in the dead of night!
There’s something truly magical about the whole outing. First, it is a saltwater lake whose waters glitter at night. It is a calm lake, so there is nothing to worry about even if you’ve never kayaked before.
Also, this trip is extraordinary because you will be rowing at night when the sky is inky black and the waters are sparkling. So, be ready for the thrill. If possible though, us a local guide who probably knows how to arrange such an adventure – you may not pull it alone!

Jive to traditional Irish music in the village

The Irish people know their culture and they’ve never abandoned it. You should be able to join in the fun and enjoy their traditional music like a local. The best place for this is at a local village pub in County Clare. It’s always mesmerizing to sing along the old-fashioned, toe-tapping hits sang the ancient Irish way!

Explore the haunted Leap Castle, County Offaly

There’s never a dull day in Ireland, especially if you love having a little adrenaline pump. And a perfect adventure outdoors is at the world’s most haunted castle, the Leap Castle.

Wandering at the walls of this terrifying wonder isn’t for the faint-hearted. Its current owners make the adventure a bit spookier by leading the tours while explaining the haunted areas of it in his typically creepy fashion.

A trip to this old, haunted fortress isn’t for everyone, but it probably is what the Irish people would love to experience. It is fun hearing footsteps, doors opening and closing, and crowds talking, maybe!

Mountain biking in Ballyhoura Mountains

These particular mountains are a hot favorite amongst mountain bikers, hikers, and backpackers. And for a little outdoor adventure, you could join the adrenaline junkies and have fun pedaling as well.

The mountains cover a vast wasteland, south-east County Limerick, and north-east County Cork in central Munster. Nevertheless, they have bike trails that are probably the most extensive and super-adventurous in Ireland.

A day riding on these trails is an experience one may never forget. They are a long and challenging and present thrill to even the most battle-hardened cyclists. A day pedaling here is on many people’s bucket lists.

Need more Irish outdoor fun ideas?

If you truly are an Irishman (or woman), now is the time to explore the country’s vast range of outdoor activities. From a seaweed foraging expedition in Cork, spending a night at the ancient Macreddin village in County Wicklow, or an overnight stay in a castle in Connemara to land yachting in Bundoran, there are tons of other adventure activities to explore.

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