Lockdown, Kayaks, Family and Sliver linings

As we enter a level 3 lockdown across our island, we can reflect on the impact that Covid 19 has had on us all, as a nation, but individually too. If you think back to these past 6 months, can you say it has all been doom and gloom? Or like me, do you see a silver lining to that little viral molecule. Okay, okay hear me out!

How many of us before Covid 19 worked day in and day out, or nights on end, commuting long hours for a job you started to resent? Or your life was so taken up by the hustle and bustle of school runs, kids needing money for this and that, after school clubs, birthday parties? Staring endlessly into the small cellular rectangle that is seemingly attached to our hands, communicating with everyone on social media, but somehow forgetting how we communicate within the four walls of our home with the people you love, be it your children, your partner or close friends. I mean, we had no time for that! There was so much to do.

At first, it seemed Covid took so much from us, our freedom, our social lives, our safety (however when my roots grew in, I can definitely say I gained a few greys. Who’s with me girls??). Slowly, we began to see what we had in front of us what all we needed to begin with. The time we spent with our close family and friends, the more we realised that we don’t need big nights out, the latest handbag or to fly across the world just to take selfies for the ‘gram. What we needed was to reconnect with those around us and reconnect with who we are inside. There’s a quote by my favourite poet, Charles Bukowski, that reads “the less I had, the better I felt”, and it rings true. All we need in life is to be true to ourselves and surround ourselves with people who love and appreciate that. And what better way can we spend time whether it be in solitude for headspace, meditation, exercise, or making memories with the people we love than kayaking!

Growing Up

I grew up across the Atlantic in Canada, and we spent all summer out as a family fishing, kayaking, canoeing and camping! There was no time for screens and social media, they were months of simple fulfillment. The lockdown really brought me back to those summers as a kid, my mam would take us down by the river fishing and we would catch small sunfish and rock bass. Out on the water we learned a lot about water safety, paddle technique and how to just be in the present moment, enjoying the sun, the air, the space. From the boat we could see local wildlife, such as deer, beaver and coyotes. It was always so exciting, and as an adult it really brings me joy to look back on those years and know they were some of the best. I learned so much from my parents then, about safety, technique but also the importance of responsibility. A kayak isn’t just a sport, it’s a great learning tool for parents to introduce those teachings of responsibility, reflection, all while incorporating fun and strengthening those family bonds.

Now that I myself am a parent, I’m always looking for ways to get out of the house and spend time together as a family. Any parent can tell you that Ireland is a crazily expensive place for family days out, never mind trips away. We drive for miles to spend so much money on parks and zoos, and while you might get a decent day out of it, but it is just one day. The cost of those weekends, or a few nights down the country really adds up. But what if you invested that money instead? Invest that money, so in turn, you can invest a lot more time in your family!

A kayak isn’t just one day away, it’s all the days and all the weekends and all the trips you can imagine, for you and yours. It’s hopping out of bed, seeing that sunshine and not thinking ‘ah shite, the beach will be packed!’, but ‘okay kids, wetsuits and lifejackets in the car, let's go!’.  A kayak is tayto crisps and ham sandwiches while you float peacefully down the Boyne. It’s an adventurous exploration around your local lake, looking for pirates and treasure! It’s time and energy you will never regret spending, and always look back on with a smile and warm feeling in your heart.

Lakeland Kayaks is a business looking to bring you and your family high quality products at an affordable price. With a range of kayaks from the tandem model that suits and boots the whole family, to the fisherman's kayak for those looking for the solo trekker who needs some quiet time from it all (yes, we are looking at you, Dads). Whatever you and your family needs, we have it. We are a brand that endeavors to bring families together out on the water, promote wellness, fitness but most of all, happiness, and we believe a kayak is the best way to do that.

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