Kayaking For Your Health — Do You Need to Be Fit to Go Kayaking? 

Kayaking is a great hobby that sees you exploring the great outdoors and adventuring through areas that are only accessible to those with some motivation, a paddle, and a small vessel.

This is a hobby fit for the outdoor lover. It’s a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy in the mind, body, and soul. It can be a fantastic way to lose a bit of weight and it’s great for building muscle and strength. 

Kayaking is definitely a fantastic way to lose some weight and get into good shape and health. If you’re looking at kayaking as a way to transform yourself into a fitter and healthier person, you may be wondering how hard the hobby is if you’re unfit. 

Is it possible to kayak when you’re unhealthy and well out of shape? How fit do you need to be to start kayaking? Is kayaking while in bad body condition dangerous? And, how can kayaking help you lose weight safely and keep it off?

In this read, we’ll be answering all of these questions and more. So, stay tuned if your resolution this year is to transform your body and become more active.

How Fit Do You Need to Be to Start Kayaking?

Although kayaking is a fantastic form of exercise and many people have lost considerable amounts of weight and become far more healthy from paddling, you do need a certain amount of fitness in order to start kayaking safely. That’s not to say you need to be able to jog 10 kilometres or climb a mountain, but you should be comfortable with at least some form of physical exercise. 

As long as you can move around freely and have enough strength and stamina to walk, lift everyday things, and walk up the stairs, you’ll be able to kayak. Of course, if you’re seriously unfit you won’t be able to jump right into kayaking at the deep end and there are some weight and size limits that the everyday kayak can take.

You’ll need to start off with easily achievable goals and gradually increase the duration of your trips and intensity of the paddling gradually to ensure you safely increase your strength and stamina. Doing this will reduce the risk of injury and make things more enjoyable, rather than exhausting yourself once and not being able to head out paddling again for a week or so. The key is little and often.

If you’re really struggling with your weight, you may need to do some other form of exercise before approaching kayaking as a new active hobby.

Most sit on kayaks have a weight capacity of 100 to 120 kilograms and most sit in kayaks have a weight capacity around the 130 to 150 kilogram mark. What this means is, you must be under the maximum load weight to be safe in the kayak. If you weigh over the maximum limit of your kayak, you won’t be safe. 

Ensure that your weight is lower than the maximum load rating of the kayak you wish to use. Keep in mind that you will weigh more with your outdoor clothing and buoyancy aid. You’ll also need to account for the extra bits you bring on a kayak such as food and water for the session.

If you do weigh a little more than the maximum load capacity, it’s best to start with a diet and another form of exercise to bring you down to a safe weight for getting out on the water. Controlling your calorie intake and increasing the amount you move will help you. Walking, hiking, cycling, or light jogging are great ways to start a weight-loss journey before venturing into the kayaking world. 

Kayaking Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Kayaking is a great way to lose weight and reach your health and fitness goals this year. Providing you’re fit enough to get in a kayak and start paddling, you’ll quickly see the weight fly off. You’ll find that your muscle strength and stamina build rapidly if you stay motivated and get out on the water regularly. 

Kayaking burns around 300 calories per hour for the average person — more if you’re a little heavier. It’s easy to keep a calorie deficit if you go kayaking regularly and eat a balanced diet. The enjoyment you get from kayaking is usually enough to keep people motivated enough to get out an exercise regularly and ultimately achieve their goals.

Kayaking regularly can get you in good shape. It offers great cardio which will increase your stamina and make you feel more energised throughout the day. It’s great for heart health, will boost your immune system, and will help you become an all-round healthier human being.

Although a relatively low-strain form of exercise, kayaking is a great way to build muscle and get your body in shape. Surprisingly, kayaking works over 10 major muscle groups in your body which will provide healthy gains and a more athletic appearance. 

Here are the muscle groups that kayaking works out:

  • Abs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Lats
  • Deltoids (shoulders)
  • Quadriceps (thighs)
  • Hamstrings (backside)
  • Quads (front side)
  • Glutes (buttocks)
  • Calves

Kayaking Can Maintain Your Bodyweight 

Not only can kayaking help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals, it can also help maintain your bodyweight and overall health. It’s not so easy to stick to the gym if fitness isn’t your passion but sticking to kayaking is easy if you love nature and being outdoors. 

Once you’ve achieved your desired weight and level of fitness, it’s easy to maintain. All you have to do is make sure you carry on kayaking relatively regularly. If you get out more than a few times per week on the water, you’ll find it easy to maintain your desired weight while eating whatever you want (within reason of course).

Keen kayakers have a slender athletic appearance with a toned core, back, arms, and shoulders. If you reach your goals and stay motivated and interested in your new hobby you can change your life for the better, forever.

Summary: Kayaking for Fitness

If you want to get fit and healthy, kayaking is a fantastic way to do it. As long as you’re fit enough to get in and out of a kayak safely you can reach this year's goals simply by putting paddle to water.

It’s easy to get motivated to exercise with a kayak. It feels more like fun than gruelling exercise. There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting out on the water and exploring nature — the fitness aspect is just a positive side effect for me. 

If you struggle to get motivated with other forms of exercise at the gym or at home and love being outside, kayaking could be the thing that allows you to take hold of your life and get into shape this year. 

Are you looking to start your kayaking journey to reach your 2023 goals? Feel free to browse through our store at our vast array of kayaks and equipment. You can also contact us or visit us in store if you have any queries about how to best start your new hobby. Thanks for reading and happy new year.

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