Kayaking and your mental health

How kayaking and being outdoors can help your mental health

In these times, managing your mental health is a very important part of life. One of the best ways to decompress and evaluate your well-being is by getting out in nature. There is something about the outdoors that can provide an escape and release that nothing else in life can offer. Here are some ways that being out on the water and in nature can help your mental health! 

Physical exercise

A lot of people forget about the physical aspect of mental health. A great way to be at peace with yourself is by being in good physical shape and feeling healthy. Thankfully, kayaking is a great source of exercise. After all, it is a physical activity, so if it is done the right way, it can be both relaxing and a workout all wrapped into one. 

Jumping on a treadmill or elliptical may burn more calories faster but getting on the kayak for a day’s worth of fun will achieve a gradual burn over time. Plus, you will develop your core muscles as paddling all day will take its toll on your arms, chest, and core. 

You can also use kayaking as a tool to get to your ideal body weight. This can be a strenuous activity if you push yourself. This is a fun way to shed the pounds and get to where you want to be. It is very reasonable to assume that a person’s happiness and state of mental health is much higher when they are confident in their body. 

Overall, your mental health will be much stronger with physical health being as optimized as possible. 

Better Focus

On the mental health side of the coin, your focus will greatly improve. When kayaking, you are engaged with nature. This improves your overall focus by forgetting about all of life’s issues for a few hours. It is super beneficial to clear your mind and only think about one thing without having to worry about outside issues. 

A great way to capitalize on this is by having an objective while kayaking. If you like fishing, this is an excellent activity to engage in while on the water to clear your mind of everything else and focus on one thing. If fishing isn’t your style, exploring whatever body of water you are on and tuning into nature. This can be a freeing feeling. 

Stress relief

Finally, kayaking can be one of the best stress relievers out there. When on a kayak, it is just you, the kayak, and nature. There is nothing more relaxing than breathing in that fresh air and truly appreciating the birds and the trees and the water. We can get so complacent in life. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a step back and appreciate the little things. 

It is no secret that stress takes a huge toll on people. Overwhelming stress can be extremely damaging. Thankfully, getting fresh air and engaging with nature can help destress your life and make your head clear. 

Start your kayaking journey with one of our kayaks and feel the benefits it brings. Thanks everybody for tuning in!

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