How do I store a kayak?

Storing a kayak properly is important to ensure that it remains in good condition and is ready for use when needed. Here are some tips for storing a kayak:

  1. Choose a dry, well-ventilated location: Kayaks should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated location to prevent mold or mildew from forming. A garage, shed, or other covered area is a good choice. Avoid storing the kayak outside, as this can expose it to the elements and potentially cause damage.

  2. Use a kayak rack or hanger: A kayak rack or hanger can help support the weight of the kayak and prevent it from sagging or warping. Look for a rack or hanger that is designed for the size and shape of your kayak.

  3. Protect the kayak from UV light: Kayaks are made from materials that can be damaged by UV light, such as sunlight. To protect the kayak from UV damage, it is a good idea to cover it with a protective tarp or cover when it is not in use.

  4. Avoid storing heavy objects on top of the kayak: To prevent dents or damage, avoid storing heavy objects on top of the kayak. This can cause the kayak to become misshapen or damaged.

  5. Check the kayak periodically: To ensure that the kayak is in good condition, it is a good idea to check it periodically. Look for signs of damage or wear, and take care of any necessary repairs to keep the kayak in good working order.

Overall, proper storage is important to keep a kayak in good condition and ready for use. By following these tips, you can ensure that your kayak is stored safely and securely.

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