A Kayak for Christmas

What a whirlwind 2020 has been! The ups and the downs have been unreal, but it truly has been the year of rediscovering ourselves, our family, sense of community, and our country. If you guys are anything like me, you are probably so ready for a reason to celebrate, something to look forward to. I am a huge Christmas junkie. Jingle bells, candy canes, mulled wine, endless cheese and sweets – the whole shebang!  

One of my favourite parts about the season is that is truly the gift of giving. I love seeing my family open their presents, knowing I've put so much thought into what they're going to get from that gift and what it’s going to mean for them. And if you’re more like my boyfriend *ahem*, you may find yourself running around like a headless chicken on December 23rd trying to find a good gift! But don’t sweat it lads, here I am, Claire the Christmas fairy, about to show you why a gift from Lakeland Kayaks is the ideal go-to present of the year.  

We’ve all online shopped until our faces are blue, everyone’s wardrobes are stuffed full of enough brand-new clothes and accessories for the next ten years. We’ve got all the gadgets, the gear. There’re no cheeky weekend holidays going ahead, the footfall through the airport is silent, a plane ticket is a risky buy during a pandemic.  

Why don’t you choose the craziest year so far in this century to go completely outside the box and get your loved ones the gift of adventure! What a kayak can bring to you and yours is days upon days of travel, sport, activity and fun. There are so many advantages to having a kayak, it’s a great way to stay fit in general, and especially for anyone who can’t use the conventional methods of sport due to injury, joints or vascular problems. On a kayak you can push yourself to the limit or sit back and just go with the gentle waves in our waters. 

Maybe you’re looking to get something for the teenager or child who has everything. Smartphone? Check. Laptop? Check. Toys? Check. Bike? Check. Kayak? Now you’re talking! 

The past year has taught us so much about appreciating our time with family and friends, partners and parents. In the coming years I think a lot of us will be investing our money into ways to spend more time together and make precious, organic memories that last a lifetime. Expensive international holidays and trips to commercial parks seem so far away to me, when I think of what to do with my daughter, my senses are triggered. I smell grass, trees and the sea. I feel the wind in my face and the sun on my back. I hear laughter. Getting back to the outdoors has been the best silver-lining this country has been offered in lockdown. How many of us spent out summer trailing up and down the country, rediscovering what our great nation has to offer. Beautiful national parks, boundless forestry, brimming waters. With a kayak in hand, you can take full advantage of connecting yourself to the soul of our island.  

We have a huge range of products in-store fit to suit each and every one of our customers. From children’s kayaks, to our fisherman’s kayak for those daddies or grandads out there, SUP boards for anyone looking to undertake a new sport and kayaks for single or multiple occupantsFor a bit of versatility, we have the amazing Aqua Marina Cascade, a kayak SUP board hybrid. And if you’re stuck on what product exactly would suit someone, we have beautifully made gift vouchers available to redeem in our online store. 

Invest in your loved one's happiness and give the gift of adventure to your nearest and dearest this Christmas season with a gift from Lakeland Kayaks. 

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