6 beautiful National Parks to visit in Ireland

With many countries, some of the best, most beautiful features lie within National Parks. The preserved natural features like mountains, rivers, forests, and so much more are protected by the government and are there for you to responsibly enjoy. Ireland has six National Parks, and each bring a unique perspective of nature and the country itself. Right now, most of these attractions are not accessible for the majority due to COVID-19, but once things open back up, access your adventurous side and see what is out there. Here is some basic information about the six National Parks in Ireland!

Killarney National Park

Location: County Kerry

Unique Features: The McGillycuddy’s Reeks is located in this park. This is the highest mountain range in the entire country. This is an awesome place to camp amongst the oak forest and native deer herds. This is also the furthest South park in the country provides a gorgeous look into Ireland’s natural beauty.

Wicklow Mountains National Park

Location: County Wicklow

Unique Features: This is another mountain-heavy park that leaves you astonished by the natural beauty. You will see the high peaks in between flowing clouds. Even just driving through the mountains is a fantastic way to spend a day. While also admiring the mountains, there are plantations and forests littered throughout.

Burren National Park

Location: County Clare

Unique Features: A highlight of the park is the Dromore Wood Nature Reserve. This is an excellent place to hike, camp, and engage with wildlife. This is also one of the most diverse parks in Ireland because there are so many landscapes packed into the park. Grasslands, cliffs, lakes, and forests are just a couple of Burren’s natural features.

Connemara National Park

Location: County Galway

Unique Features: Connemara is a very mountainous park that has a number of well-known Irish peaks. Some include Benbrack, Benbaun, and Muckanaght. Throughout the tall mountains are heaths, plains, and bogs. This provides you with an interesting mix of mountain terrain and the natural Irish staples. This is really a photographer’s paradise as the natural beauty is breathtaking, especially in the summer.

Ballycroy National Park

Location: County Mayo

Unique Features: As one of the largest National Parks in Ireland, Ballycroy covers over 11,000 hectares and has a lot of untouched wilderness. You will be entranced by this aspect of Ireland that many people never get the chance to see which includes the beautiful mountain range and pristine forests. Be sure to stop by the visitor center once it opens and learn more about the history of Ballycroy.

Glenveagh National Park

Location: County Donegal

Unique Features: This is the northern-most park in the entire country and is quite remote compared to the other parks. That is because it is quite rugged and not for the faint of heart. That being said, this is a fantastic place to escape and go where not many people do. After visiting the Glenveagh Estate, get adventurous and see some exclusive aspects of Ireland’s nature.

These are only a handful of the beutiful parks and places we can visit in Ireland, so don't worry if international travel is limited over the next year, we have more than enough to experience here on our beautiful Island!

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