5 Ways to Light a Fire

When packing up your caravan or getting ready for the coveted “wild” camping experience, making sure you are set up for success is crucial. A huge part of your success in the wilderness is being able to start and maintain a fire. From a critical source of heat to a way to cook food, having a fire in your camp is one of the most useful aspects of your trip. Here are five ways to light a fire no matter how or where you are camping!

Flint and Steel

One of the most consistent methods for starting a fire among camping enthusiasts is using flint and steel. This is a striking method that involves a small bar of flint and a small bar of steel. When running one over the other, sparks form and shoot out towards the area you are striking.

These are super common because they last a very long time and won’t be ruined if they are exposed to the elements.


Probably the most common tool use for starting a fire is matches. Using matches can be one of the easiest ways to start a file because a flame automatically comes from the tip of the match and can be applied to your kindling.

The biggest problem with matches comes when they get wet. This is why you should invest in waterproof matches. There are more expensive, but they can be used in any scenario no matter the weather conditions.


Along with the matches, using a lighter is one of the easier options when starting a fire. It is always good to have a lighter or two on you as a backup.

You don’t need to shell out good money for a high-quality lighter as the cheap ones can do the same job. Lighters are one of the most consistently good sources of a flame. Just make sure that your lighters can enough gas to light for your entire stay. Otherwise, you will be in a world of hurt.


Now that we have discussed the more conventional strategies, we are left with some of the more difficult, primitive styles. The most primitive way to start a fire is by using friction. There are many different styles of friction fire starting that you can use.

A popular method is the hand drill where you swiftly twist one stick into a flat piece of wood and look to produce an ember. Another way to do it is to make a bow and set up the stick in the middle to rotate it similarly. These strategies can be very difficult, but sometimes you don’t have another option.

Magnifying/Glass lens

Finally, there is the magnifying glass or glass lens trick. Unfortunately, this will only work on a sunny day, and if you have some sort of lens that could be efficient. You will line up the lens with the sun and create a strong ray of light. This sounds like it is out of a cartoon, but it can work. Once the light is concentrated, point it to your pile of dry tinder and hope for the best!

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