4 Types of Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding has become a bustling water sport that more and more people are engaging in every year. That being said, the market has evolved and there are now multiple types of paddle boards that you can buy. Each one is for a specific purpose and is based around your boarding abilities. Here is some more information about the four main types of paddle boards!

The surf paddle board is designed for those who are looking to use it in the ocean. Hence the name, the board is designed to handle the surf. These are shorter and skinny boards that allows you to cut into the surf and not tip over every time a wave comes your way.

All of this considered, this is not the easiest board to handle. This probably should not be your first paddle board as practicing on flat water. Building your skills without tough adversity is usually a safe bet. The surf paddle board is not designed for flat, calm water, so it is actually far more unstable there than in the surf. Once you are comfortable in your paddle boarding abilities, it could be a great idea to upgrade to a surf model.

As the name implies, race paddle boards are made for racing. This is a pretty niche part of paddle boarding, so the average participant will most likely not have one of these. However, it can actually turn into a fun pastime to enjoy.

These are the skinniest and longest of all the boards. This creates the least amount of resistance and allows you to fly through the water. This is the most difficult type of board to maneuver as it is very unstable for a beginner.

The flatwater board is a fairly common paddle board, but it is still fairly specific in use. Although it is designed for most beginners, it is still designed to move from point A to point B fairly quickly. The pointed tip and rounded sides allow you to glide with little resistance.

The flatwater board is actually quite similar to the racing board, but the main difference is the width. In general, the width of a paddle board is what determines stability. The wider body of the flatwater board allows beginners to still be able to go fast.

The final paddle board on the list is the all-round board. It is last for a reason as it is made for anyone from beginner to expert. These boards are longer, thicker, and wider to allow maximum stability. This makes the all-round paddle board the most common of its kind because it can be used by anyone.

However, the design makes it the best for calm water but very inefficient for rough conditions. It can handle a little bit of surf, but it is nothing on the surf paddle board.

Whether you are trying out the sport for the first time or your thousandth time, having an all-round paddle board in your arsenal is an excellent choice.

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